Nextech Solutions takes an enterprise-wide approach to security that helps keep life and property out of harm's way by integrating all essential intrusion, video surveillance, access control, A/V, and monitoring applications. Nextech Solutions has completed many custom systems installations for affordable housing, apartment & condo, high-rise, senior living, and supportive living security systems A/V and CCTV. Multifamily properties are embracing the latest keyless entry system for apartment buildings and advanced security technologies to differentiate their communities and deliver next-generation experiences.

Man adjusting the cable in commercial space

Commercial Municipal

Nextech Solutions has architected the security and completed the security integration for hotel, restaurant, and mixed-use building security systems. We realize you are looking for robust solutions for hold-up and duress protection, theft and robbery, crisis management and response, and workplace violence protection. Our in-depth understanding of these industries allows us to work with you to design a security system that will protect your employees, your facilities, your client's assets, and, ultimately, your bottom line.

Health & Fitness

From sensitive medical records, inventories, and high-value clinical equipment to pharmaceuticals, healthcare security systems are imperative when addressing theft, organized crime, and life safety issues. With their constant traffic flow, health clubs and fitness centers are often an ideal target for injuries, theft, and even occasional violence. Nextech Solutions offers expertise in the area of health and fitness security systems. We have solved physical security challenges for all healthcare providers, from local fitness centers to senior health facilities.