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The TV set on the wall and the speakers

Home Automation & Control

It's 7:00 AM, and time to get out of bed. But before you begin to stir, your favorite music softly starts to play, curtains slowly start to open, and lights gradually turn on to a comfortable level.

Home camera CCTV monitoring


There are endless entertainment possibilities for your home when considering multi-room audio/video solutions, whether your budget is a few hundred dollars or a few thousand.

Man checking the cyber security related work


Never before has home networking made life so productive and fun for the entire family, whether you're communicating from one computer to another or downloading music from the Internet.

CCTV security camera in home


Protect your family and guests with an integrated security system that does much more than sound a siren or call the monitoring station. Description of this item.



Whether it's a baseball game, a birthday party, a holiday, or a Friday night. Weather-resistant Outdoor TVs and speakers can add to the fun. NexTech can help make your backyard a place to enjoy music and entertainment for any occasion.