Today’s home technologies involve so many areas of the home and how we live. Numerous homeowners are not even aware of what home technologies are available to them. Nextech makes the process of implementing and using home technology simple.

With a Nextech consultation, home owners are educated on the wide range of options guided by a Nextech design expert. Our focus is on your unique lifestyle and how our solutions can match technology to your home and lifestyle. Once you choose the solutions for your new or existing home, we handle the rest—meeting all construction deadlines and working closely with you or the builder through the wiring, installation, and post-sales service.

ELAN is the industry leader in smart home & business technology solutions.


Imagine surveillance cameras that watch your driveway or front porch and can tell the difference between a wandering dog and a delivery person.

A security system that alerts you when the kids get home from school – or when someone forgets to close the garage door. Further enhance peace of mind with driveway and garage lights that turn on automatically just before you arrive home.


From an elegant home theater installation, to a 40,000 square foot home with integrated audio/video, lighting, climate, security and more, ELAN personalizes your home with home automation and control solutions that are reliable, easy to integrate and easy to use.

An in-wall control panel that accentuates your home décor, recognizes your face and responds to your voice.

Concert-quality music anywhere and everywhere in your house, indoors and out.





Our legacy in luxury makes us experts in providing high-end customization your homeowners will love. Make the homes you build truly smart by extending powerful automation to every system element. Our international network of integration partners allows you to build the best smart homes – anywhere in the world.


Offering smart home technology can be complicated. We make it easy.

Use our standardized Builder Blueprint to implement the necessary infrastructure for future-ready homes and allow homeowners the ability to personalize technology in their new homes with optional packages.


Invaluable support at zero cost to you. Our builder program is free to join and includes a wide range of complimentary support functions from sales and marketing collateral to demo products, model home merchandising kits, design center displays, training, and more.

Security Systems Solutions

We consider our clients and employees part of our extended family. We specialize in commercial, residential, and industrial applications and are growing exponentially. 

Are you having an alarm system and unhappy with your current company's customer service? Or, do you have long waiting times on the phone? Then, it’s the right time to switch to Nextech Solutions, the best in offering business and home security solutions.

Experience the confidence of total protection with customized, professionally installed security and a home that works intuitively to keep you safe and well. You can start small or start with it all.